2011 RECAP part 1 some events and the people in them


on the next episodes:
and new year resolutions (from drunky December to sXe January and other bloody predictions)

LDN, back again, long weeken’


woohoo!  bank holiday weekend! 3 days off, and shitload of free parties…

and im down with the flu!!! but do not worry my young siblings, for i shalt rock the overheated body of mine to the point of posher.

now flix of weeks ago…

LDN part whatever


i’ve just noticed i forgot captions for the last post, so they’re now on there


out with the old, in with the new


and on this anticlimactic bombshell, peace!

LDN week 2 no riot commentary yet


i’lll just say that these riots are carried out by so many types of scum, gang members, football fans, hipsters with too much riot porn on youtube… its just sickening!

but more on that later this week…

back to week 2 with the same annoying format of no stories what so ever…