may day to total black out day, in about 30 photos…

mayday was fun, havn’t marched in one for 3 years, thanks to the constant may 2nd-4th final presentations…

Jerusalem must be the only fucking city in the world, that can take a great form of public transportation, and turn it into a total clusterfuck of urban evil!


final project, hommie that’s the recipe!

bad fucking morning

jumping a month ahead, due to a whole month of lifeless final project schoolwork, SEND IN THE CLOWNS (the presentations…)

st. Marlin

aaaand sleep!

now sit back and watch the drunkenness escalating

BERLIN part no. is anybody listening



photos things and stuff!

LDN part number LAST


who would have thunk…



off to Deutschland, see you soon…

LDN, back again, long weeken’


woohoo!  bank holiday weekend! 3 days off, and shitload of free parties…

and im down with the flu!!! but do not worry my young siblings, for i shalt rock the overheated body of mine to the point of posher.

now flix of weeks ago…

LDN part whatever


i’ve just noticed i forgot captions for the last post, so they’re now on there


out with the old, in with the new


and on this anticlimactic bombshell, peace!