ok, so back to China… Dalian to be exact.

Dalian is the perfect example of Chinese urban bullshitism.

About a decade ago, some mayor decided to upgrade the huge industrial city, into a wanna be western yuppie haven who lives solely off the cheap labor and industry. The fabric of Chinese cities, based on street level multi-functionality, street vending of everything and semi-organised Anarchy, has been replaced with western zoning in Chinese scaling. The scale is a huge factor here, the simplistic idea of a financial downtown, with surrounding residential areas, just doesn’t work in a city of 6 million (legal residents, I will talk some about the chinese illegal immigration on the Shaxi episode), well it doesn’t work at all, but that’s another discussion…

The downtown area alone is as big as the whole of the Tel Aviv monicipality… it is impossible to walk from anywhere to anywhere within the “center” (unless you’re on vacation and can spend your time endlessly) and though the transportation is cheap, and pretty convenient (English station names) it has completely killed the street markets, the public dancing and exercise and the whole fabric of Chinese society. The few residential areas that have survived in the city center, as i was told, they are all planned to be evicted, as did their neighbors back in the 90′s.

Its not that i am a nostalgic or anti progress, but the way that the city just completely turned it’s back on the residents in order to pull on a foreign facade while deleting the history, the residents and their future…



But enough of that, in with the flix!




they used to have a really good football team, 90 years ago…




a small chunk of the “downtown” area




this is cool!





just a bit too much on the return to classisism tip…




ummm… what?!




what is having good public facilities?




when your community sport center looks more attractive than the mall, its a good start…




look mom! i has parametrics!!!




shinny shinny parametrics


even the truck is impressed with how much this is parametric!




you dig?







buuuuut, its just a silly facade that’s glued on…




a beach!!! finally!!!






it might be cold, rocky and quite polluted, but its a beach!!!




and this is a KKKFC…




 and so is this, at 4:30 am





yeah, right…






mazaltof! its the wedding center of the universe! (aka xinghai square, the biggest square in the world)




 with some cool statues




 and billions of freaking weddings!





 not swearing, the weddings there freak me out!





cool building, was closed when i got there… (Dalian Shell Museum)





and there’s this huge ramp thing at the end





this is the closest that there was to skateboards on the ramp…





but its still cool!





oh yeah, and i assume that this is where they throw spartan babies (baby cop waiting at the bottom) or it is just that they don’t believe in safety rail, regulations, or safety at all…



part one of the three Ningbo posts!



if ever in China, skip DanDong!

but look, theres a wall!











nothing wrong with the angle of the shot











China vs DPR Korea








DPR Korea































it’s never too late to learn “twinkle twinkle little star” in a public park…





Friendship Bridge AKA get me the Hell out of north Korea Bridge



believe me, this stale post was A LOT more exciting than the actual city…

But on the next episode… huge soccer balls, parametric design and no safety rails, in DALIAN!




I must say that i did a crap job at documenting Beijing, but i over compensated it with over shooting just about everywhere else (4500 pictures in 60 days…)

so sorry for the touristyness and a few blurry shots

here we go!

this is a kinder egg



since you can’t go inside without paying for some performance (no English info available for that) this is all it’s good for





what ya lookin’ at?






if you’re happy and you know it mime a tree…



Confucius (technically kong fu zi) had damn nice marble details!






China = Textures



and weird animals who seems to e hella stoned…



or hella rich! (young money lamb)






trees with needs



big and empty



huge and empty












GREAT LITTLE DETAIL  in the surrounding park



because B is the king of china, he has his own gate



morning at old people paradise AKA the temple of heaven, that tree shouldn’t have said that!






grandma got herself a sword…







dancing road block



take that fence!




Tanzhe temple



i freaking love the round door thing!



Chinese children are the most photogenic thing on earth (yes even more than internet friendly cats!), you will be sick of them by the end of my china posts…



TMNT, you’re doing it wrong…



ummm… yeah…







ok, this is one of the things that really struck me out of the 100000 small differences between western and chinese culture… THE CEMENT IS ALWAYS LEFT STICKING OUT!



no idea…



This was really impressive… huuuuuge screen with amazing cinemtography at tiananmin square


the square is really fucking huge… here are some zoom shots to show how big is it…






the creators project was doing its visit to the 798 art district, the project was fairly disappointing, giving the fact that you would think that vice mag would give it some edge and intel would give it some outlandish technology… they didn’t and exept for a couple of works it was pretty dull and banal







this was one exception…

“the day of perpetual night” by yang yongliang

the work was an animated futuristic absurd landscape of a Guilin like city, filled with videos and animations tightly composed into an amazing vision of the future of the city as well as the future of visual arts.




when in beijing, SKIP THE FORBIDEN CITY! all these people are the first people at 8:15 monday morning… this is low times






this is considered a clean turistless shot…



and even the statues are all up in your biz going “whacha doin’?”




ummm… classic chinese?



yes i have this photo too!



a small (only 7 stories) shopping mall facade



a big shopping mall with an even bigger screen



i’ll rant about chinese and there camera problems later on… its a long rant!



a mall / office space / human production line that sets free millions at 5-6pm which ends up with 20 minutes sweaty lines at the nearby subway



but what a great handrail!



central academy of fine arts… a great new campus



with a guest apearance by…



Arata Isozaki!



YES they have an Arata Isozaki museum in the fucking campus!












this is the entrance to the Architecture department…



this is the 3rd year design studio…



they study architecture, with an Arata Isozaki museum right outside the window!!!



model porn museum AKA bejing urban planning museum



a better shot of the cctv tower…




the biggest fucking bike lane i will probably ever see, and the most fun i have ever had in a straight line with a bike!



This bike! from good people of natooke bike shop (highly recommended place, and in general, if your big on bikes, come to china with some spending money…)




Haifa art part form the 798




kip deso









unga left overs









ABS crew are hommies, Good luck with the new shop!






aifo deso






damn right!



ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF CHINA TRIPPIN: classicist frauds,  dancing ladies and skate spots in HARBIN!